Okayama University Education for Sustainable Development Promotion Center


Welcome to ESD Promotion Center
-We are teachers with principles of ESD at Okayama University!

Students who aspire to become school teachers in the future
Students who are interested in education, sustainable development, and ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) in general
Students who want to learn more about ESD
Students who want to practice ESD

The Center for ESD Collaboration, Graduate School of Education, Okayama University supports students’ learning, research, and activities related to ESD.
We also encourage students to participate in various ESD and UNESCO School activities.
We support students to become teachers who can promote ESD in schools, and to be active as leaders in creating a sustainable society in various regions, communities, and workplaces in the future.

Q: What kind of activities does the ESD Collaboration Promotion Office do?

ESD is not limited to universities and schools, but also includes government, NPOs, local residents, etc. The ESD Collaboration Promotion Center connects these people to promote ESD, and supports the application of ESD to teacher training.

I want to know about the activities of the ESD Collaboration Promotion Center, etc.

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I would like to know more about the support provided by UNESCO Schools and Universities.

I want to know about various websites and information related to ESD.

(Pages related to ESD in Japan and abroad are posted here.)

I want to know about ESD books and materials

(Textbooks and books will be introduced.)

The Promotion Office, located on the 3rd floor of the main building of the Faculty of Education (Room 304-1), is staffed with ESD coordinators to support various activities. In addition, books, literature, and teaching materials related to ESD are available for browsing and use.

If you wish to come to the room, please contact us in advance.

hirokoshibakawa*okayama-u.ac.jp (Please change * to @.)